Avantus Aerospace’s skilled technicians produce an array of laminated sheets designed to meet the needs of the aerospace industry.

Comprised of a family of organisations in the United States and the United Kingdom, our businesses’ expertise is world-class, delivering high volume, high quality production of class-C parts to customers across the globe. Our breadth and depth of experience means that our technicians are able to advise you on construction, design and materials for sheet construction to ensure that you get the best results and the best value for money.

Achieving versatility and accuracy

Laminated sheets are a good choice for many production lines as they provide good levels of strength without being too heavy. Comprised if multiple layers of thin metal which have been pressure bonded to create a single, stiff sheet, laminated sheets, also known as multi-layer sheets, offer excellent performance in terms of strength, resistance to corrosion, wear. and thermal conductivity.

State of the art technology

Every business in the Avantus Aerospace family is committed to excellence and innovation, and we continually add to our portfolio of technology to achieve the best results for our customers in terms of production precision, manufacture time, and overall customer service. Our technicians possess the experience as well as access to the latest technology, enabling them to use CNC routing or turning, punch press, water jet cutting and drilling to create solid or detailed laminated sheets.

Metallic and non-metallic laminated sheets

The materials recommended by our technicians will depend on your budget, production time, technical requirements and industry best practice. Typically, metallic laminated sheets will be formed from a choice of metals including titanium, aluminium, stainless steel and brass. However, if non-metallic materials are an option, polyimide’s flexibility, heat and chemical resistance, light weight and excellent mechanical properties make it a suitable choice for laminated sheeting in a range of environments.

Crafted with expertise

With a long history of providing parts to key members of the aerospace industry, we are confident that we can offer you an unrivalled service, delivering on quality, timing and value, time after time.

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