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Avantus is a manufacturer of C-class aerospace components for airframes that, in conjunction with our sister companies, has global reach. 

Our size and our levels of expertise mean that we can flexibly respond to the needs of our customers and we are able to manufacture metal packers to meet your specific requirements.  Metal packers are essential in aircraft production in enabling tight tolerances between mating parts. At Avantus, our extensive manufacturing machinery means that we are able to work with a wide variety of metals, ensuring that all your metal packers are high quality and precision-made. Our engineers are always available to ensure that you are able to select the most appropriate material for the specific environment in which your metal packers will be used.

Aluminium packers

Lightweight and low-cost relative to many other metals, aluminium has many advantages for the aerospace industry.  It is corrosion resistant due to its low levels of reactivity, and can be easily recycled, so is one of the more environmentally friendly alternatives available. 

Titanium packers

Titanium is more costly than aluminium but has many properties that can make it a cost-effective option. It is highly resistant to corrosion and can be deployed in areas where it will be exposed to intense heat, due to its low thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion. This makes it highly suitable for use in a range of the more demanding environments encountered in airframes.

Brass packers

Brass is a metal that is easy to machine due to being low-friction and more malleable than many other metals. This means that it is low-cost to manufacture.  Less corrosion and impact resistant than some other options, it is nonetheless often the most appropriate choice for more protected airframe environments.

Steel packers

Steel packers are often the most appropriate choice for areas in an airframe where strength and durability are required.  They are better able to tolerate force, heat or weight than many other metals, and additionally are resistant to rust and other aspects of corrosion. This means they can be used in areas where moisture is present.  

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