Non Metal Packers

Avantus is a global leader in producing metal and non-metal packers and has decades of experience in working alongside the all the largest manufacturers in the aerospace industry.  This means that our teams of engineers and technicians are well-placed to advise our customers on which is the most appropriate material to use for your non-metal packers.

Similar in function to shims, packers ensure that there are the tightest of tolerances between mating parts, resulting in a safe and rigid airframe. 

Nylon packers

Nylon is a popular choice for non-metal packers.  It is exceptionally strong, tough and resistant to abrasion.  It is relatively easy to manufacture and can be a highly cost-effective option.

Rubber packers

Rubber packers can be the most appropriate choice for areas in the aircraft where low temperatures are a feature, and where resistance to abrasion and tensile strength are important.  They would be most commonly used in environments that are completely enclosed and so not exposed to heat or UV, and where extreme rigidity is not a requirement.

Plastic packers

Plastic packers are often deployed where there is a requirement for high levels of thermal or electrical insulation.  They are also resistant to moisture and humidity and so appropriate for environments where these are present.

Composite packers

More costly than some non-metal options, composite materials can combine a number of constituent materials in order to achieve a range of properties that might be required for a specific airframe environment.  Depending on the particular need, composite packers can be the most effective option.

Avantus’ expertise

At Avantus, we have state-of-the art technology and processes.  This means that we have an extensive portfolio of materials to work with, and the experience to be able to advise on which are the most appropriate ones to use in your airframe production processes. Our high levels of quality assurance mean that your non-metal packers will be of the highest standards, reliably delivered to your production line or warehouse.

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