Photo Chemical Machined Parts

Proud to be leaders in innovation and quality within the aerospace industry, at Avantus Aerospace, we have access to a range of cutting-edge manufacturing solutions, including photo chemical machining.

Photo chemical machined parts have been formed using photo chemical machining (PCM), a process that uses chemical etchants and photo resistance to corrode specific areas of sheet metal. The multi-phase process involves a photographic image being printed on sheet metal or other photo-resistant non-metallic sheet metal, before chemical machining it to remove the selected areas.

As a relatively burr-free process, photochemical machining  is popular in situations where precision is absolutely essential. What’s more, as the process doesn’t involve excessive heat or force of any kind, the chemical process doesn’t alter or weaken the properties of the original material, meaning there is no impact on the material’s strength or magnetic properties.

Low-cost prototyping

Photochemical machined parts can be made in bulk or smaller batches and as such, photochemical machining is a low-cost, accurate process for prototyping as well as instances where clients require quick turn-around products without compromising on the accuracy of the manufacturing process or the structural integrity of the material.

Unrivalled experience

Avantus is the parent organisation of a family of companies, who provide composite structures and assemblies, C-class parts and supply chain and logistics solutions from their facilities in the US, the UK and mainland Europe. Each company is renowned in their niche market for their quality and broad portfolio, and each strives to achieve the highest industry standards and deliver an outstanding service to clients of all sizes. Our engineers work closely with clients to determine their needs in terms of functionality, size and turnaround of order, before helping them to determine the best materials and process to meet their needs, including waterjet, CNC pressing, punching and photochemical milling.

Our manufacturing process doesn’t stop there. Once complete, our ISO certification and in-house quality assurance processes are called upon to ensure that every photochemical machined part is produced to our exacting standards.


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