Alongside our family group members, we at Avantus Aerospace have the capacity to provide clients with a full range of pins specifically designed and manufactured to meet the rigours of the aerospace and defence industries.

There is no room for compromise in the military and aviation engineering business; even the smallest imperfection can lead to a chain of potentially devastating events. At Avantus, we understand the needs of our clients and we work alongside our partner organisations in the United States, the UK and Mexico to constantly deliver on quality and value.

A range of pins

Although relatively small and low cost, pins play a critical role in engineering. Pins are used to secure two or more parts together while allowing for limited movement between the parts as required. Our portfolio of products includes a range of pins, including threaded shear pins, alignment pins, grooved and pull-type shear pins with swaged collars. With a range of specifications, production processes and materials on offer, each product is specially designed to withstand the extreme environmental stressors associated with the military and aerospace industry, such as exposure to UV light, humidity and extreme temperatures.

As with all C-class components and fasteners, each has its benefits and the subtle difference can help to improve the lifespan of a product, enhance performance and optimise safety. Index pins are one of the more commonly used pins in engineering as they offer strong fastenings between two or more component parts.

A tailored service

While the differences between different fasteners may appear to be subtle, the impact on the performance of an engine can be significant. At Avantus, our skilled engineers and technicians understand the need for a detailed, tailored approach and they will consider each application and environment, alongside industry legislation and customer needs in terms of budget and time constraints to recommend the most appropriate product, specifications, material and manufacturing process to meet, or exceed, each client’s needs.

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