Eccentric and Alignment Pins

At Avantus, we and our family of organisations possess full capabilities to fulfil our global clients’ needs with regards to the production of C-class components, composites, assemblies and fasteners, including the provision of high-quality shear and eccentric alignment pins.

Despite being relatively low cost and seemingly insignificant, alignment pins play a vital role in maintaining the function and structural integrity of airframes and engines. With more than 8 decades providing high quality aerospace and military parts, at Avantus we committed to quality and value, striving to deliver outstanding customer service to clients of all sizes via our tailored approach.

Industry compliant eccentric and shear alignment pins

Alignment pins may be small, but they are used repeatedly throughout the aerospace manufacture and production process. Throughout production, different pins of varying complexity can be used to assist the accurate mating of two parts, or too temporarily align multiple parts for improved precision. For this purpose, more simple pins such as T pins, L pins, clamping pins, shoulder pins or jig pins may be utilised as they are easily installed and removed, as well as low-cost products.

Shear pins help to maintain a connection between mating parts in a shear joint, without damaging either component. As shear joints involve opposing forces, shear pins provide additional strength. As such, shear pins can be made from any material that is strong enough to withstand the shear force. In instances where shedload carrying properties are required, it may be advantageous to utilise lightweight, higher strength metals such as Cress or Titanium.

The eccentric pins produced by Avantus, and our partner organisations perform a range of critical roles within the manufacture of avionics and ground support equipment, where they allow for precise alignment of electrical and electronic connectors and assemblies.

With extensive experience providing OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and distributors in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific, Avantus and our partner organisations are able to fulfil clients’ needs, regardless of size or complexity.

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