Index Pins

At Avantus we apply our extensive experience and cutting edge technology to precision manufacture the full range of component parts, including index pins.

There is no margin for error in the aerospace industry; every part, no matter how small, must be precisely manufactured in order to optimise performance.

Index pins
Index pins are fasteners with two narrow shafts which are threaded at the bottom and have a collar or flange part way down, at the opposite end of the threads. Whilst usually hexagonal, the flange can be adapted to meet the customer’s needs, including project requirements and the need for specific tools or hand adjustment of the flange once in situ. As with all of the C-class components designed and manufactured by Avantus and our sibling organisations, most aspects of the index pins that we manufacture can be tailored with regard to exact specifications such as size, metal or non-metal material, thread size, and the gap between the flange and threads.

A Tailored service
As well as being able to tailor product specifications to meet each client’s exact requirements, the scale of our operations means that we are able to recommend a range of different production processes and materials, allowing for further precision and quality. We work with a range of metals and work closely with our clients to ensure that they final product is precisely created to fulfil their requirements while withstanding exposure to a range of stressors, such as extreme temperatures, UV light, chemical corrosion and humidity.
With access to state-of-the-art technology, our skilled technicians are able to facilitate the timely, high quality manufacture of large scale, repeatable bulk orders of index pins which can be delivered direct to the warehouse or production line. Equally, our technicians are adept at handling smaller, custom or one-off orders; regardless of the size or nature of an order, Avantus will always deliver on ourstanding quality and customer service.

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