Plunger Pins

As leaders in the provision of composite structures and assemblies and C-class components, at Avantus Aerospace we offer a range of plunger pins designed to meet the rigours of the aerospace industry.

Plunger Pins

Plunger pins offer a range of uses in aerospace production, including helping to precisely position, align and join two or more parts. Available in a range of structures depending on their use, plunger pins usually work by compressing a knob or button at the top, which applies pressure to a spring underneath and hence pushes a pin into a pre-made hole. Just as the knob or button can be used to push the pin, it can also be used to retract the pin in situations where the assembly or join are not permanent, for example, when plunger pins are used to temporarily hold component parts together during forming or machining.  Plunger pin design can be tailored to allow assigned movement to the join, or to maintain complete rigidity, depending on its purpose; these requirements, alongside the available space and environment, will be considered when selecting shape, design, materials and finish.

A tailored service

With decades of experience in the aerospace industry, serving both commercial and military clients, Avantus’ technicians are best placed to advise customers on the best product, material, manufacturing and finishing processes to meet each client’s requirements. If stability and strength are of priority, stainless steel plunger pins may be the best option; if weight is a consideration, then aluminium may be the better choice, but is less strong. Titanium, meanwhile, offers a better balance between strength and weight and, although more expensive, is often the best choice for aircraft construction. If non-metal plunger pins are required, for instance if the pins need to have insulating properties, clients may choose from a range of non-metal materials, including nylon and polyimide.

It is not uncommon for a mixture of materials to be using, to optimise on cost, weight and functionality; our technicians discuss the range of options with each client to ensure that their and the industry’s specifications are met.

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