We recognise that every part, no matter how big or small, has a critical role to play whilst withstanding extreme conditions, such as heat and cold, humidity, chemical and UV exposure, and high vibration levels. Therefore, it is essential that every aerospace component part, from fasteners to receptacles is made to the right specification, using the right material and the right production method.


Mating sockets such as receptacles play an important part in joining component parts. Mismatches between component parts can lead to weakened joins and a resulting failure to meet the aerospace industry’s high safety standards. Receptacles usually include features that facilitate mounting, thus helping to ensure that the correct mating part is used and reducing the margin for error.   

In addition to bearing characteristics to aid the matching of correct mating parts, receptacles can also be crafted with locking functions which add additional stability to the join, making it impossible for the fasteners to shake loose when subjected to vibrations.

At Avantus, we offer a range of locking receptacles as standard. However, all of the products in our portfolio can be adjusted to meet each client’s needs; upon enquiry, our technicians will work closely with customers to ascertain the best part, specifications, production methods and finish to meet industry needs and help our clients to achieve excellence.

Quality Assurance at FTC

At Avantus, quality and customer care are central to everything that we do. We continually invest in technology and innovation and strive to improve upon industry best practices wherever possible and possess ISO9001 and AS9100 certification for our QA processes. These in-house quality assurance processes help us to save time and cost for clients without compromising on quality; receptacles and other component parts are tested at every stage of the production process to ensure that potential issues are identified as early as possible.

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