Retaining Rings

With access to a wealth of experience and state of the art technology, Avantus Aerospace provides aerospace component parts and assemblies to manufacturers across the globe.

Avantus Aerospace is part of a family of organisations based in the United Kingdom, the United States; together we possess unrivalled expertise in the  efficient delivery of high volume fasteners to customers around the world, without compromising on quality.

Retaining rings

Retaining rings are engineered fasteners commonly used to hold different types of assemblies together. Usually installed into a small groove in the body of a shaft, or slot into a housing bore, retaining rings are single use, meaning that once they have been removed for any reason, they must be replaced. The need for retaining rings to accurately and reliably position, locate and retain component parts on shafts or in bores means that high levels of precision are required in the production of retaining rings.

Recent years have seen a preference in using retaining rings over the threaded fasteners traditionally used within the aerospace manufacturing industry. This is due to its range of advantages. Retaining rings don’t require threading, taping or drilling in product manufacture or the shaft, leading to a host of benefits including lower resource requirements in manufacture, reduced stress on the parts during the production process, and reduced weight of the component part.

A bespoke service

At Avantus Aerospace we are proud of the skills, experience and technology that we and our nine additional family organisations have amassed over the decades. We call upon this experience for every client, for orders of all sizes, to enable us to deliver a tailored, timely, high-standard service. Our technicians work closely with clients, advising on the range of component parts available within our portfolio and making necessary recommendations with regard to material, size and other characteristics that will help to reduce costs and improve lead time, while optimising quality and performance.

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