At Avantus Aerospace, we have extensive experience in the provision of C-class and component parts designed to meet the demands of the industry.

Alongside our 9 family organisations – eight of which are from the aerospace and defence industry and one supply chain and logistics solutions specialist, Avantus Aerospace is best placed to provide high quality, precision crafted parts which meet the stringent standards of the aerospace and military industries.

Flaring nut production

Also known as flare nuts, flaring nuts play an important role in aerospace manufacture, providing a reliable seal by compressing the material in the flare against the mating tube to create a tight flare fitting seal. This seal is effective in use on joints that are exposed to hazardous materials including hydraulic fluid, fuel and oil, or which are subjected to high levels of vibration. Flaring nuts are not only tougher than other types of nuts used for standard engineering and manufacturing, they have a greater torque tolerance.

High manufacturing standards

Avantus Aerospac’s technicians and engineers not only possess unrivalled skills and experience, they have access to state of the art technology, which enables them to design and manufacture high quality products which are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client in terms of use, production time and cost. We possess full accreditations including AS9100 and ISO9001 and operate to stringent protocols which ensure the highest standards are met at every stage of the production process.

Wide range of materials

No two aerospace environments are the same, therefore it stands to reason that not all components will be suitable in the current form. All of the fasteners in our portfolio, including flaring nuts, can be tailored to meet the client’s needs in terms of a range of characteristics including size, thread and materials to ensure that the nuts are able to tolerate their environment, from extreme heat to high humidity, contact with corrosive chemicals to UV exposure. Our technicians will work closely with each client to ensure that they choose the best product for their needs.

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