Flush Head Captive

At Avantus, we produce the full spectrum of C-class components and assemblies, designed manufactured to meet the needs of the aerospace industry.

State of the art equipment

As part of Avantus Group, a family of nine aerospace and defence organisations and one industrial supply chain and logistics solutions organisation, we have access to an extensive array of cutting edge technology. We continually strive to find new innovations and efficiencies that will yield benefits for out clients across the globe in terms of quality, value and effectiveness.

Flush head captive screws

All of the fasteners held within our portfolio can be adapted to meet each clients’ needs. Our technicians work closely with each new client to help them to choose the most appropriate product and metal or non-metal to meet their needs, as well as finer details, such as thread size and head type.

Like all captive screws, flush head captive screws are permanently fixed to the outer panel of an airframe, thereby reducing the number of component parts required while adding stability. The flush head itself means that the screw sits tight to the airframe. Leaving a light indent, flush head captive screws are barely visible, however it is possible to reduce visibility further by machining down or power-coating the indentation.

Offering a balance of versatility and aesthetic appeal, flush head captive screws offer several benefits over other types of screw, such as conventional concealed head screws, where it is necessary to increase the thickness of the panel in order to conceal the screw head. However, unlike some screws, flush head screws do not offer a fully watertight join, as they enter panels from the exterior without the need for added caps, shanks or fastenings.

A tailored approach

With unrivalled experience of producing assemblies and C-class components to industry leaders across the globe, at Avantus we are proud to undertake large-scale production of flat head captive screws tailored to meet the precise requirements of our clients.  We have the capacity to produce a broad range of metal and non-metal flat head captive screws and stock a selection of shank diameters, and are able to apply specific coatings as required for the components to withstand the stresses of the industry.

Quality assured

Quality and value are at the core of everything that we do, and our in-house Quality Assurance processes enable us to ensure that the components leaving our facilities of the highest quality, and fit for the desired purpose.

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