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At Avantus, we call upon extensive experience and the latest technology to deliver the full range of component requirements for the aerospace industry.

We are proud to work alongside our group companies in the UK, Mainland Europe and the USA. Together, we form the Avantus Group, a family of one industrial supply chain and logistics solutions business and 5 aerospace and defence businesses.  As such, our skills and experience have tremendous depth and breadth, supplying military, aerospace and commercial organisations across the globe with high quality, C-class components.

An unrivalled service

In addition to industry specific accreditations, we pride ourselves in being industry leaders and innovators, continually striving to achieve new standards in quality and innovation. Every client, regardless of size, receives the same outstanding levels of service, which sees bespoke orders, tailored to meet the clients’ needs, produced in a timely fashion, without compromising on value or quality.

High profile retractable screws

Retractable screws offer convenient adjustment without conceding precision in the connection with mating components. High profile retractable screws are suitable for use in situations where vertical space is not limited, and where aesthetics is not a major concern, as they have large knobs that stand proud from the panels. It is these large knobs on high profile retractable screws that offer high levels of versatility during the aerospace production process, as they may be adjusted using a tool, as well as manually.

Avantus, alongside our sibling organisations, offer a large array of high profile retractable screws designed to meet the high standards required of the aerospace and military industries, as well as the individual needs of our clients. Upon request, clients will be provided with data sheets detailing our fasteners’ specifications, which will be used alongside consultation from Avantus’ skilled technicians to ascertain the most appropriate specifications to meet the clients’ needs. This can include varying thread sizes (TPIs), metal or non-metal materials, additional coatings, or a range of head types, including hex head, pen head or locking head. Additional features include spring-loaded high profile retractable screws to enable retraction without losing pressure or stability.

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