Supplying more than 10 million parts every year to industry leaders around the globe, at Avantus Aerospace, we produce a wide range of  high  quality C-Class parts, assemblies and components, including jacking screws.  

With roots extending to the early 1940s, Avantus has a reputation as a global leader in the provision of components designed to withstand the extreme environments associated with the aerospace and defence industries. Today, we are proud leaders of the Avantus Group, a family of organisations based in the UK, Mainland Europe and the USA.

Jacking screws

With a host of state of the art technology at our disposal, at Avantus we possess extensive manufacturing capabilities which, coupled with our decades of experience and the unrivalled skills of our technicians, enable us to fulfil our clients’ requests, regardless of size or complexity.

Jacking screws form a central part to engineering and airframe manufacturing, as they incorporate a jack mechanism which allows for the adjustment of the height of objects of medium weight. Jack screws possess a hole in the rotating. The screw can be affixed via a threaded hole within a static support base, and a load table mounted at the top of the screw is designed to support objects of moderate weight.  By inserting and turning a handle into the hole in the rotating collar, the height of the load table can be adjusted to change the height of the load base.

A tailored service

Although we and our partner organisations have extensive in-house portfolios of products, we are aware that in some cases, additional adjustments are required. All of our products can be adjusted to meet clients’ needs in terms of durability, environmental stressors, size, function, finish and cost. Our experienced technicians are able to advise the most suitable production methods and materials to meet each client’s needs, ensuring that all orders, regardless of size and complexity, meet or exceed client and industry needs.

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