Low Profile Captive

At Avantus, we have decades of experience manufacturing C-Class components and assemblies designed to meet the demanding environments of the aerospace industry.

Alongside our sibling organisations in the UK, Mainland Europe and the USA, we have access to state of the art facilities, from which we produce a full range of component parts, from metal and non-metal shims to a full variety of screws and bolts.

Low profile captive screws

Captive screws are fasteners that, once installed into their hole, cannot be fully removed. Similarly to high profile screws, low profile captive screws can be adjusted manually or by using a tool, which offers the benefit of allowing for fine adjustments at the point of installation as well as on the production line. However, unlike their high profile counterparts, low profile captive screws have a thinner knob, meaning that they can be utilised in situations where there is a need for the screw to stand proud of the panel or joined surface, but where there is limited vertical space to allow for a high profile screw.

Unrivalled customer service

At Avantus, we and our sibling groups pride ourselves on being industry leaders. This extends beyond offering high quality components designed to withstand the rigours of the aerospace industry, to include our continuing quest for innovation and improvement, as well as our unrivalled customer service.

The size of our facilities and our long-term investment in cutting edge technology, and the development of our teams to optimise that technology, means that we are adept at the large-scale production of a broad range of fasteners, including low profile captive screws produced and quality controlled to industry standards including ISO9001 and AS9100. The aerospace industry doesn’t tolerate compromise, and nor do we. Our clients can choose from a range of metals and non-metals and specify thread size, head types and dimensions according to their needs. Together, our technicians work with each client to ensure that their requirements are fulfilled.

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