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At Avantus Aerospace, we produce world-class components and assemblies designed to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace and an unrivalled service to customers across the globe.

Alongside nine other organisations based in the UK, Mainland Europe and the USA, we are proud of our reputation for outstanding quality and unrivalled service, providing small and large scale orders of all components, C-class parts and assemblies.


Single Captive Screws

Unlike standard screws which can be removed and adjusted, once installed, captive screws are designed to remain fixed in place. This additional safety precaution adds a level of security that is of particular value within the aerospace and military industries. In addition to withstanding the high vibration levels of an engine, captive screws don’t fall out during the production process, offering streamlined construction and savings as the result of fewer stoppages.  

Single captive screws are usually created to be fitted into pre-cut holes, instantly joining mating parts. As well as offering convenience and time savings in the construction process, single captive screws also offer convenience when being serviced as a specific tool can be used to quickly and easily extract the screw when needed.   


Industry leading technology

At Avantus, we make a commitment to our customers and employees to continually strive for improvement and innovation, which includes investing in state of the art technology. As part of our extensive portfolio of aerospace components, we offer a range of single captive screws, each of which can be tailored to meet a client’s specific requirements. Our skilled technicians call upon their extensive experience, working with customers to help them to ascertain the most appropriate materials, production methods and detailed specifications to meet the needs, timescale and budget, all produced to the highest industry standards and subjected to our stringent in-house quality assurance processes.


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