Sheet Metal Details

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Using precision technology, Avantus and our group of companies creates fabricated sheet metal details to meet a range of medium and basic complexity needs, designed to meet the strict requirements of the aerospace industry. 

Sheet metal forms a central part of the engineering process. The manufacturing process forms metals into thin, flat pieces, which can then be shaped, bent or punched into different shapes. Depending on its use, sheet metal can be formed from a range of metallic materials including, but not limited to, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and beryllium copper.  

Supporting the aerospace industry

Avantus is part of a family group of companies, who are leaders in C-Class component production, composite structures and assemblies and supply chain and logistics solutions. Operating from their high end facilities in The United States, the United Kingdom and mainland Europe, each company is proud to offer industry- leading services within their niche markets. As a trusted provider of detailed parts for the aerospace industry, our skilled technicians create parts to support the majority of commercial and military aircraft platforms.

Cutting edge technologies

When it comes to aerospace, precision is critical. Our technicians call upon more than 75 years’ experience and utilise a range of cutting and forming techniques such as precision 3-and-5 axis CNC machining, water jet, routing, turret press, punch press, brake press and formed, bonded and rivetted assemblies

Each technology has its own benefits and when choosing a manufacturing method, our engineers will consider the clients’ specifications as well as precision, safety, production volume and manufacturing costs.

Precision crafted to meet your needs

Our technicians call upon a combination of their wealth of experience and the latest technology to produce detailed parts to meet your needs. From small, bespoke spares to high volume production runs, we use copper, titanium, aluminium, stainless steel and more to craft parts designed to meet your needs and industry requirements.

Sheet Metal Details
Products in this section

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