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Plastic Brackets

Avantus has been operating in the aerospace industry for decades.  With bases in Europe and in the United States, we are perfectly placed to service all our customers.

Brackets are required throughout airframes, for attaching component parts and for routing cables and ducting. Depending on the specific airframe environment, it is often most appropriate to use plastic for manufacturing these brackets, due to its low weight.  Additionally, plastic and other non-metals have a number of properties such as electrical and thermal insulation and resistance to moisture and corrosion. Being relatively easy to manufacture, it is also a cost-effective choice. 

Nylon brackets

Nylon has many properties that make it ideal for use in bracket production. It is strong, resistant to abrasion, and durable. Low-friction and easy to machine, it can be highly effective as a material for brackets.

Avantus’ experience

In conjunction with our family companies, we are the largest supplier of C-class components to aircraft manufacturers globally. Consequently, we have an in-depth understanding of the requirements of the industry. We know that there are often competing demands for cost-effectiveness, quality and safety.  We believe that with our high levels of expertise and creativity, all those factors can be accounted for in our products. Quality assurance and innovation are both at the heart of our culture. Our staff are highly trained and committed to efficiency as well as the highest of standards.

Quality assurance processes

At Avantus, we are determined that only the highest quality, consistently repeatable components should be delivered to our customers.  We know that you need to avoid the additional staff costs and wastage that is caused by production line stoppages.  For that reason, we ensure that our components reach you exactly as specified in the production brief.  Having benefitted from the input of our expert engineers throughout the manufacturing process, you can rely on us to be your partners, adding value all the way.

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