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Solid Sheets

Along with our sister companies, Avantus has a manufacturing capacity that comprises state-of-the-art machinery, meaning that we produce exceptionally high standard solid sheet products.  These include surface ground sheets, with grinding to .0005” (0.013mm).  Our highly expert engineers and technicians are able to manufacture solid sheet products from a wide range of materials, to meet your specific airframe production requirements.

Stainless steel sheets

Favoured for being durable and strong, stainless steel is frequently used in a wide range of aircraft components due to its ease of cutting, drilling and tapping.  It is commonly employed for fixings and bushings.  At Avantus, we precision grind all our stainless steel sheets so that you can be sure that your product is delivered with no surface imperfections.

Brass sheets

With its low friction properties, brass is also easy to machine and solder, and it is one of the more malleable of the metals available.  It is valued for its high levels of resistance to corrosion, meaning that it is suitable for use in a range of airframe environments.

Aluminium sheets

Aluminium is another metal that is easy to use for fabricating a wide range of components, as it is easy to drill, weld and machine.  It is notable for being lightweight, which is a distinct advantage in airframe construction.  It is not as strong as some other metals, meaning that it would not be used in environments where strength or durability were the key requirements, however it is easy to form and bend, giving it great flexibility.

Titanium sheets

A more expensive option, titanium is nonetheless widely used throughout airframe production due to its many exceptional qualities.  It has the highest strength-weight ratio of any metal, and is resistant to a range of corrosives, meaning that it can be extremely cost-effective.

Quality assurance

We have the technical knowledge and decades of experience that mean that we can not only manufacture and deliver high-quality solid sheet products to your production line, but we can be your active partners in advising on the best product to meet your needs.

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