Shim Sets

Shim sets can meet the needs of a production line where a range of thicknesses may be required at short notice in order to ensure rigidity of airframe sections.  With a precise thickness clearly marked on each shim, our extensive range of shim sets will be able to meet your needs.

Our shims are easy to fit and enable tight tolerances leading to precise alignment. 

Wide range of materials

It is vital that shims are made of the most appropriate material for your airframe needs.  Aircraft environments very considerably, with different exposures to moisture, heat, corrosion and UV.  At Avantus, our shim sets are available in an extensive range of materials.  Metal shims can be manufactured from a variety of metals including titanium, beryllium copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminium or Inconel.  Metals are strong and durable and are often the most appropriate choice for shims.  Non-metal shims can be less costly than metals and are often more lightweight.  Our non-metal range includes mylar, polyimide, phenolic and composites.  These materials are durable and flexible in terms of how they can be used.  They can be useful when a degree of thermal insulation is required and are highly resistant to moisture and humidity.

Shim structure

As is the case for individual shims, our shim sets can be provided in solid or laminated structures.  Both solid and laminated options are available in a range of shapes and with any specific detailing that you require. They can be edgebond shims (laminated but only bonded across one edge), or hybrid (part solid, part laminated). Our laminated shims, whether metal or non-metal, are manufactured to be peelable to fit precise construction requirements.  With peelable foils varying in thickness from from 0.025 mm or 0.001” to 0.1mm or 0.004”, our shim sets can be instantly available on your production line to solve all your production shimming needs.

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