Tapered Shims

Experts in complex manufacturing processes, at Attewell we are highly proficient in producing tapered shims to suit more complex production needs. 

Uses of Tapered Shims

Shims are used to achieve tight-tolerance assembly.  In some situations, the mating parts are not flat or straight.  Tapered shims can be used where mating parts are angled or curved to ensure that the airframe is rigid with no play between mating parts. At Avantus, we are world-leaders in manufacturing tapered shims for even the most complex of geometries or curvatures.  We are able to work with a wide range of materials in such a way that all your airframe manufacturing needs can be met.

Wide range of materials

As with all airframe components, from the largest to the smallest, it is essential that tapered shims are made from a material that is able to withstand the rigours of their particular environment.  At Avantus, our extensive manufacturing equipment means that we can work with materials such as titanium, beryllium copper, stainless steel, aluminium, engineered plastic, polyimide and the “super alloy” Inconel.

Avantus’ value-added approach

As the largest supplier of shims worldwide, our team of experienced engineers and technicians are always on-hand to discuss your specific project requirements.  We understand the crucial importance of safety and performance in the aerospace industry and are able to advise on the most appropriate materials as well as the best solutions for the precise format of your tapered shims.

Extensive manufacturing capability

At Avantus, we benefit from an extensive range of equipment, including CNC machining, punch press and water jet manufacturing. Our detailed consultation processes with all our customers means that we are completely clear about how to meet your production needs and are able to deploy our expertise to guarantee that we deliver the tapered shims that your project requires in an efficient, timely and highly cost-effective manner.

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