Spacers are an integral part of aircraft manufacture, and it is vital that they are produced to a consistently high-quality standard.

Spacers are used in the airframe production process in situations where it is essential to secure other elements of the airframe, such as tubing, wiring and ducting, away from main body of the airframe or from other component parts.

Avantus’ expertise

Avantus, along with our sister companies located in the UK and in the USA, is a global leader in the production of all C-class components for the aerospace industry.  With decades of experience, we benefit from both extensive manufacturing capacity with the latest technologies and highly expert teams of engineers and technicians. With our state-of-the-art machinery, we are able to produce spacers of the highest quality. 

Avantus’ portfolio of materials

Our considerable manufacturing capacity means that we can offer our customers the choice of a wide range of materials when producing spacers.  This enables us to advise and support our customers to ensure that their spacers are highly efficient wherever they are deployed in the airframe.  We regularly use a range of materials including the super alloy Inconel, titanium, aluminium, brass, stainless steel and beryllium copper. In terms of non-metal materials, examples of what we produce are spacers made from mylar, fibreglass, polyimide, nylon and composites.   

Safety and quality at the heart of the culture at Avantus

We understand the vital importance of ensuring that every part in an airframe, no matter how small, is perfectly produced to the highest standards. Our lean manufacturing approaches mean that we combine efficiency and quality assurance throughout the production process, with our engineers given the authority to intervene if they think improvements can be made.  We constantly work to drive down costs and lead times, but never at the expense of quality control.   We have rigorous in-house quality assurance processes that mean that our customers benefit from high quality, highly repeatable components.

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