Metal Spacers

Metal spacers are low-cost but high-precision airframe components that, at Avantus we have decades of experience in manufacturing for all the global leaders in the aerospace industry.

Metal spacers are used in aircraft production where there is a need for aspects of the airframe such as tubing or ducting to be held away from other parts of the frame. They are not usually threaded and are usually hexagonal or round in shape. 

Wide range of metals available from Avantus

Metal spacers are often used in parts of the aircraft that are visible, as they are felt to be more aesthetically pleasing than non-metal spacers.  Additionally, different metals will have specific properties that may be essential, depending on the specific use for the spacers as well as where in the airframe they will be used.

Titanium spacers

Titanium is often considered as the highest quality metal available. It is both light and very strong, and resistant to a range of corrosive stressors.  However, it is one of the more costly options, and consequently it is important to be aware of when less costly choices may be entirely appropriate for a specific use.

Aluminium spacers

Aluminium is also lightweight, and also flexible and corrosion resistant.  Not as strong as some other choices, it may still be the most cost-effective option in a range of situations in your airframe. In addition, it is considered an environmentally friendly choice due its ease of recycling.

Stainless steel spacers

The principal characteristics of stainless steel are its strength and its resistance to extreme temperatures as well as to corrosion. It is also visually appealing. It is heavier than many other metals available but can also be the least expensive option in production terms over the course of its life cycle.

Avantus’ value-added approach

With a variety of materials available for you metal spacers, it is essential to choose exactly the right ones for your specific needs.  Our highly experienced engineers understand the competing priorities faced by the aerospace industry, of strength, weight and cost-effectiveness.  They are well-placed to advise you whether you are seeking a large, bulk order or a more bespoke, individual project.

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