Standoffs Inserts

With in-depth experience manufacturing parts for the aerospace industry, at Avantus we are well placed to produce a range of high quality standoffs and inserts.  


Standoffs are used to form or maintain a gap in order to improve thermal insulation, allow airflow around parts, increase precision in positioning fasteners, or reduce friction between parts between aircraft components. What’s more, if threaded, standoffs can be used to increase an assembly’s strength. As they are used throughout airframe production, standoffs and inserts are essential components.


Like standoffs, inserts can be used to separate aircraft component parts to reduce friction or vibration. In cases where there is a risk of galvanic corrosion as the result of current passing through two metal components, non-metal inserts can act as an insulator, thereby preventing corrosion.

A tailored service

At Avantus, we and our partner organisations are committed to delivering the highest standards. We continually invest in the latest technology and invest heavily in training our skilled teams of technicians and engineers so that they are in a position to offer clients the best advice to meet their needs.

Our facilities are home to state-of-the-art equipment and an array of metal and non-metal materials, which allow clients to choose product type, specifications, materials, finish and even manufacturing methods according to their merits and the client’s needs, without compromise.  Whether a client is looking for large-scale, repeat orders or bespoke single production runs, we can produce standoffs and inserts using materials such as stainless steel, beryllium, titanium, aluminium, plastic, nylon and composites crafted with precision, on time, every time.

In-house quality assurance processes

Our commitment to quality and value is supported by our in-house quality assurance processes. We adhere to strict industry standards as well as our own QA processes, which see products being tested at every stage of production. In testing continually we are able to identify and rectify anomalies at the earliest possible stage, saving stoppage time and wastage and allowing us to give our customers the best value for money

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