At Avantus, we pride ourselves in accommodating the diverse needs of aerospace and defense clients from across the globe.

From one-off prototype design and manufacture, to mass, repeated production runs, every customer, regardless of its size or location, receives an unrivalled service in terms of customer interactions and product quality.


We are able to produce a range of metal and non-metal tapers to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Offering quick, easy release, tapers are incredible versatile and offer a range of uses within aircraft construction. Because of their relatively simple form, tapers are also highly repeatable and allow for mass production, which makes them a cost-effective solution in a range of mechanical situations.

At Avantus, we are able to produce a range of tapers, from smooth, conical tapers which are the most commonly used, to threaded tapers, which are recommended in environments where heavy vibration levels are the norm. All of the tapers in our portfolio can be adapted to meet client requirements, including size, thread and shank length.

State of the art technology

Technology never stops evolving, and nor do we. As a global leader in the production and distribution of C-class components and assemblies, and head of the Avantus Group, we are committed to the continuous investment in technology. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities are due in part to the array of equipment that our technicians have at their disposal. Our equipment includes traditional as well as cutting edge technology, including 3, 4and 5-axis CNC machines, CNC milling, water jet and turning. Our investment in technology also extends to our Quality Assurance processes, with QC technology including 2D laser QC coordinate machines for inspection and Zwick for depression testing, peel testing and general mechanical testing.

Our in-house QA processes ensure that products are checked at every stage of the production process. This allows us to identify and rectify potential issues at the earliest possible stage, saving resources and stoppage time, and resulting in considerable savings for our clients.

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