At Avantus Aerospace, we produce precision-made C-class and composite components designed to meet the strict requirements of the aerospace and defense industries.  

When it comes to aerospace engineering, precision and detail are key. A fraction of millimetre can make the difference between success and failure; safety and catastrophe. Our teams of experienced technicians and engineers call upon decades of experience and use the latest technology and techniques to produce precisely manufactured and finished detailed parts such as washers, bolts and flanges, designed to meet the rigours of the industry.

A range of washers

Washers are available in a range of materials and complexities of design, and play a host of important roles in aircraft construction and engineering. In their simplest form, metal or non-metal washers are round plates with a central hole, which help to distribute the pressure at a point where a bolt or screw is used to secure two or more parts together. In addition to spreading the pressure on the joining parts, washers help to improve fit, or act as a shim; when used in conjunction with self-locking nuts, serrated washers dig into the surface and can help to prevent component parts from moving when subjected to heavy vibrations. 

State of the art technology

Whether the purpose of the washer is to improve fit, absorb pressure, prevent galvanic corrosion by acting as a barrier between two metals, or to provide watertightness to an assembly by acting as seal a drilled hole, the correct specifications and materials are essential to ensure that the washers perform their role effectively.

At Avantus, we and our partner organisations are committed to excellence and continue to invest in our staff and facilities. Our technicians have access to a range of state-of-the-art technology and high-standard materials, which enable them to provide customers with the best product for their needs.

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