Sub Assemblies

Avantus produces 10 million C-class components for the aerospace and defence industries every year. As part of this, we produce a wide range of sub-assemblies.

This is part of our mission to support our clients by helping them to improve their production processes. With our decades of experience in the industry, we are well-placed to produce the assembly enablers that our customers need to facilitate their airframe manufacture.

Clip assemblies, Click bond assemblies, Stiffener assemblies, Hybrid assemblies

Avantus manufactures a portfolio of alternative assembly products for introduction into our customers’ production lines.  Examples include clip assemblies for speed and click bond assemblies where limiting the number of drilled holes and strengthening assemblies with adhesive is relevant.  Stiffener assemblies are designed to strengthen airframe joins. Hybrid assemblies can be mass produced to your precise requirements in order to undertake the most complex of processes quickly and efficiently.

Nut Plates

Our teams of engineers and technicians are able to produce a range of nut plate assemblies, including anchor nut plates, floating nut plates, high strength nut plates, and fixed nut plates. Our extensive equipment means that we can manufacture them from a range of materials including corrosion resistant steel, mild steel, carbon steel, titanium and beryllium copper. This means that we are able to meet our customers’ requirements and can match the materials used to the demands of the environments to which they will be exposed.

Access covers

Access covers are an essential part of airframe construction as they are vital for maintenance and inspection purposes in the finished aircraft. Avantus manufactures a range of covers that meets the needs of all component parts. We can produce covers that are rapid to install once they arrive on your production line and that in addition are both durable and highly effective.

Pressed bearings

Precision-made bearings are essential for the safety and performance of aircraft.  At Avantus, our expert engineers are able to produce bearings that can be quickly and accurately installed.

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