Non Metal Laminated Shims

Avantus is the largest global manufacturer of shims and other C-class airframe components. We deploy our extensive experience and expertise to manufacture a range of shims, including non-metal laminated shims, to meet all your aircraft production requirements.

What are non-metal laminated shims?

Laminated shims perform the same function as solid shims, i.e. they enable the tightest of tolerances between mating parts in your airframe assembly.  However, laminated shims provide an additional element of versatility, in that they are constructed from individual layers (or foils) that can be peeled off on during the production process, to produce the exact thickness required for each situation.  As solid shims, they have a rigid structure, but with layers ranging in thickness from 0.025 mm (0.001”) to 0.1mm (0.004”), they are a more flexible component.

Highly versatile

In addition to the variety of peel strengths, our team at Avantus are able to use our cutting edge manufacturing equipment to create a variety of structures to meet your needs.  These include edgebond shims (laminated and only bonded across one edge) and hybrid shims (a combination of solid and laminated material).  All our laminated shims can be manufactured to your specific requirements, so can be flat, tapered or detailed.

Non-metal materials

Non-metal laminated shims are often the most appropriate choice for aircraft environments where resistance to humidity or moisture are essential.  We offer a range of materials, including polymide (lightweight and resistant to heat and chemicals) and mylar (high tensile strength and extremely stable).  With our decades of experience in supplying all the global aerospace manufacturers, we are able to create the precise product from the most appropriate materials to meet you exact needs.

Quality assurance and lean manufacturing

At Avantus, we share your priorities, and have a relentless focus on increasing efficiency and driving down waste.  We deploy lean manufacturing techniques and have state of the art in-house inspection processes to ensure the highest standards of production, resulting in high levels of reliability in products delivered straight to your production line or warehouse.

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