Solid Shims

Solid shims serve the function of compensating for gaps and ensuring the tightest of tolerances in airframes.  Avantus is the largest global manufacturer of shims and is consequently perfectly placed to meet every requirement of your production processes.

Wide range of materials

At Avantus, our extensive experience means we will be on-hand to advise you about the most appropriate material for your solid shims.  We work with the world’s leading manufacturers of airframes and so are able advise on what would be the best product as well as the best material for your production needs.

Non-metallic solid shims

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes mean that we are able to offer a range of non-metal materials to suit your production needs.  Non-metal solid shims have the advantage of being more lightweight and inexpensive than many of the metal options.  In addition, they have high levels of durability and high compressive strength.  Our range includes composites, fibreglass, carbon fibre, nylon polyimide and phenolic.

Metal solid shims

Depending on the specific requirements of your project, metals may be the most appropriate material to use. Metals have the advantage of being resistant to UV light, and having high levels of strength.  With a range of metals to meet your needs, at Avantus we are able to manufacture shims from beryllium copper, titanium, stainless steel, brass or super-alloys such as Inconel.

Highly reliable products

Avantus uses the most advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure that the shims we produce are reliable, repeatable and cost-effective.  Depending on your needs, we are able to deploy a range of technologies including CNC machining, routers and water jet manufacturing. We have the capacity to produce large scale, highly repeatable items or bespoke items for smaller projects. Our experienced engineers are available for consultation on how your production line needs can best be met to meet your specific requirements.

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