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At Avantus, along with our sister companies, we have been in the manufacturing industry for decades, and bring all of our combined expertise and experience to ensure that our metal manufactured parts are produced to the very highest standards.

We are accredited by all the relevant industry bodies, meaning that we are fully compliant with all manufacturing processes.  This guarantees our customers that they will only get the highest quality products delivered to their production lines.

Plastic standards

In the same way, our plastic products are also manufactured to the most demanding industry standards.  Our range of non-metal, plastic and polymeric derivative materials (for example, polyimide and mylar) is deployed to ensure that all our customers’ expectations are met or exceeded.

Aerospace standards

As you would expect from Avantus as industry leaders, we are fully compliant with ISO9001, AS9100 Rev D and ISO 14001 aerospace standards. We supply C-class airframe components to the leading aircraft manufacturers globally, and we share their commitment to quality and safety.  We constantly seek to improve our processes and use lean manufacturing philosophies to improve productivity and minimise waste.

Technical expertise

At the heart of what we do at Avantus is our people.  Our teams of engineers and technicians are highly trained and trusted to quality assure every aspect of component production as they go along, and are empowered to make changes where necessary to ensure that quality standards are never compromised.  We know that our customers are constantly combining competing priorities of driving down costs whilst maintaining high quality and safety standards.  Our lean manufacturing approaches, which inject high levels of efficiency into every aspect of the production process, enable you to do just that.  We help you to drive down waste, reduce stoppage time and improve output, whilst never compromising on standards.

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