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Avantus is a holding company for a group of outstanding companies, meaning that we can operate on a small scale, working personally with our customers, and also large scale, benefitting from the latest innovations in the industry.  Our team, along with the teams in our sister companies, is highly trained in lean management principles and practice. 

The lean management philosophy has at its core a commitment to efficiency and best practice at all stages of the manufacturing process. It was originally conceived to drive up efficiency and eliminate waste in manufacturing processes and adds value to companies that subscribe to it. At Avantus, we utilise these principles to identify and streamline all the elements of our production processes, meaning that we are operating in such a way as to enable you to pull products into your processes at the right time. Lean manufacturing means we are flexible and responsive and have the ability to deliver to your warehouse or straight to your production line with a “just in time” approach.

Efficiency at every level

Along with our organisation-wide lean manufacturing approach, we believe in attention to detail.  For that reason, we train our staff in Lean Six Sigma approaches, meaning that every aspect of our working environment is optimally organised to maximise efficiency. For our customers, this means that waste is reduced, and production costs are driven down, bringing economies at every stage of the process.  Our efficiencies translate into lower costs for you.

More than just a supplier

Avantus’ personalised approach means that we are highly responsive to our customers’ needs.  With waste and inefficiency driven out, we are able to be your collaborative partners in the production process, adding value by being available for consultation. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction, and with our rigorous approach to quality and efficiency, we are happy to deliver.

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