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Avantus, along with our subsidiary companies, has been manufacturing aircraft components for many decades.  We are a global leader in the production of C-class components, and our vision is to become the preferred partner for the aerospace industry worldwide. 

Production Planning and Control

Production planning and Control is central to ensuring the success and sustainability of any manufacturing business.  There are four main principles of production planning and control.

  1. Routing: this maps out the progress of raw materials from first arrival onto the factory floor, through all the machining, working and detailing processes, to the end product. Every process and every occasion on which a material is handled is planned and accounted for to ensure there is no wastage or unnecessary duplication of activity.
  2. Scheduling: this is the stage where timeframes are built into the planning.  We plan out how long each activity in the route takes, enabling us to ensure that the delivery timescales we inform our customers of are strictly adhered to.
  3. Dispatching: these processes make certain that our end-to-end systems deliver according to our customers’ precise requirements.
  4. Follow-up: at this stage, we review all the previous stages in our process to see where improvements can be achieved.

Avantus’ value-added approach

We are an organisation that offers significant value added to all our customers.  With Industrial Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions business in our portfolio of companies, we have access to the necessary expertise to support the production planning and control of our processes as well as those of our customers.  We work closely with all our customers from the detailed pre-design consultation process onwards, to ensure that we fully understand their production requirements. We understand the often-competing priorities of the aerospace industry for safety, quality and cost-effectiveness.  By ensuring that we plan every aspect of component production, we are your partners in achieving all of those key elements for your production.

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