At Avantus, we regularly provide assembly services to all our customers, large and small. We know that all Original Equipment Manufacturers can benefit in terms of operational efficiency and production line output if relevant component parts are part assembled before they arrive at your premises.

Our extensive manufacturing premises and engineering expertise means that we have the capability to pre-assemble a wide range of metal components to meet our customers’ exact requirements. After the standard manufacturing processes, including extensive options for detailing and forming components according to our customers’ specifications, we are then able to assemble component parts. In conjunction with our sister companies both in the UK, Mainland Europe and the USA, many of which are located conveniently close to international transport hubs, we have large facilities with the necessary floor space to accommodate whatever our customers need in terms of assemblies. We have a wide range of available techniques at our disposal such as welding, click bonding, fastening or riveting.  Supplying assembled components directly to your production line means that they can then be incorporated seamlessly into your production processes.

Avantus’ quality processes

At Avantus, we pride ourselves on manufacturing and delivering premium quality components and assemblies. Our lean management approach means that all processes are subject to scrutiny to ensure they are as efficient as possible.  Quality manufacturing means that quality assurance is an on-going process, checking components at every stage of manufacturing rather than leaving this essential aspect of our work to the last stage of production. Finally, we deploy state-of-the-art in-house inspection equipment, using a dual head touch probe and laser scanning coordinate measuring system, in order to compare the final components or assembled parts with a 3D image of the initial design to confirm that the final product is exactly as specified.

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