CNC Routing

With our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) routing equipment, we at Avantus are able to perform routing procedures along horizontal, vertical or perpendicular coordinates. 

As with all our manufacturing techniques, we offer conventional services which are highly effective for straightforward production.  However, the CNC routing permits us to produce more complex components, with a wider range of engineered parts possible. CAD design software is deployed by our technicians, who then make use of our CAM software to convert the designs into toolpaths for the CNC router, which ensures highly accurate translations of design specification to final product. With CNC technology, we can ensure part repeatability, resulting in greater confidence from our customers that they will not experience unnecessary production line stoppages. With both 3-axis and 5-axis CNC routers, we are able to cater for the most complex geometries and shapes.

Avantus’ extensive range of equipment

Over decades at the forefront of the global C-class airfame component industry, we have invested extensively in the most up-to-date CNC equipment. This enables us to produce all our customers’ low-cost, high-specification products to high standards of quality and repeatability. Our lean manufacturing culture means that from the start of the design process, we plot a smooth path for our products, ensuring that we achieve maximum efficiency, with the cost reductions that go with that.  Our capacity means that we can be flexible in response to our customers needs.  We can deliver components to your warehouse, or directly to your production line, using a “just in time” approach. It also means that we are able to produce large, repeatable batches, or work closely with you to develop innovative products for bespoke, single use projects, or for prototypes. The expertise that our engineers bring, using our CNC equipment, means that we focus on reducing waste and costs and delivering your products in the most cost-effective way.

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