CNC Turning

At Avantus, we can provide our customers with both conventional and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) turning (with a maximum diameter of 24”).

Turning is a manufacturing process in which a stationary cutting tool is used to remove material and shape the components that we produce. Conventional, or manual, turning has an important role in the manufacturing process; however, CNC turning has a number of advantages over conventional turning.  As it does not rely on manual operation which can be prone to operator error or fatigue, it can be set to run continuously, with significant advantages for efficiency and productivity. With immediate digital transformation of the designs, CNC turning is highly precise and intricate designs can be achieved. A perfect degree of replication and repeatability is another advantage of using CNC technology. Additionally, our expert technicians are able to rapidly programme the CNC software, which means the turning machines can be quickly and flexibly reprogrammed as required to make different parts. This helps reduce manufacturing costs, as does the fact that the automation inherent in CNC technology reduces labour costs over the longer term.  This results in overall reductions in manufacturing costs, which in turn means that we are able to deliver highly cost-effective components to our customers. Our extensive equipment means that we can turn tapered, spherical or hard shapes, ensuring that we can cater for our customers’ most demanding requirements.

Avantus’ experience

Avantus is part of a group of companies that are located in the UK, Mainland Europe and the USA.  We are the global leaders in the production of C-class airframe components, and have decades of experience in what we do.  We bring this skill and expertise to bear when using our CNC manufacturing equipment to ensure that we regularly meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

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