Conventional Techniques

At Avantus, our extensive range of equipment includes both machines that employ conventional techniques and those that use non-conventional techniques. 

Conventional techniques, also known as conventional processes, involve the direct contact of machining tools with the material that is being machined.  These include standard manufacturing techniques such as punching, milling and turning.  Non-conventional techniques that are regularly used include waterjet and abrasive waterjet machining. Avantus, with our decades of experience in the manufacture of low-cost, high-specification components for the aerospace and defence industries, have an excellent understanding of which techniques are the most appropriate for use in which circumstances. Our top-of-the-range non-conventional machinery enables us to respond to the requirements of customers who need complex components manufactured from material that is challenging to machine.  However, we also know when it is most appropriate to use conventional techniques in order to deliver on our customers’ designs. The conventional techniques that we use include routing, milling, turning, laminating, pressing, deburring, and grinding.  Additionally, we have CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) software to use when the production processes benefit from this. Our experience enables us to know the optimal techniques to use with each material, to achieve the precise design specification. With an excellent understanding of the interplay of material structure and production method, our engineers are able to reliably ensure that we deliver high quality components to your warehouse or production line. 

Working in collaboration with our customers

We work in close collaboration with our customers to ensure that we manufacture the exact components that they need, to their exact specifications.  We have a detailed consultation process that enables us to contribute to the design of your components, utilising our significant expertise to add value to your project.  We are then able to respond flexibly throughout the design process to ensure that we regularly exceed our customers’ expectations.

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