EDM Manufacturing

With partner organisations across the United States, the UK, Mexico and Europe, at Avantus we have access to the latest technology, which allows us to offer clients a host of manufacturing processes and services to meet their needs.

Different manufacturing processes offer up different advantages in terms of precision, scalability, cost, and impact on the component materials. EDM – electrical discharge machining- utilises thermal energy to remove material in the formation of products. While EDM has been a reliable method of machining for the engineering industry for decades, recent improvements in the technology have resulted in improved accuracy, which makes EDM an ideal choice in circumstances where it is not possible to cut material via CNC milling or turning, for example, in the presence of sharp internal corners or when working with a deep cavity.

High accuracy EDM manufacturing

EDM utilises electrical sparks to form metal components. By submerging two electrodes in dielectric fluid, current discharges – or sparks – are created; these sparks vaporise the metal, thereby making incisions. The fluid carries the particles away from the product, leaving a clean cut and having caused minimal impact on the material.

Types of EDM

There are three primary methods of performing EDM: die sinking EDM, hole drilling EDM and wire EDM. Ram EDM, or die sinking EDM, is appropriate for use in situations where complex cavities and recesses make it impossible to use more traditional drilling and machining techniques, and involves a die being made from a graphite electrode which has been cut into the inverse shape to the recess or cavity. Hole drilling EDM allows high levels of accuracy when cutting holes; the removed materials are washed away by the dielectric fluid, therefore removing the need for deburring.  Extrusion dies are normally formed using wire EDM; instead of the reverse-shaped graphite electrode die, a fine, electrically charged wire makes tiny, precise 2-dimensional cuts in 3-D parts.

There are several benefits to creating aerospace component parts via EDM. At Avantus, our skilled technicians will advise the best processes to meet each client’s needs and expectations while adhering closely to industry guideline.

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