At Avantus, we offer clients a full range of services, designed to streamline operations and improve precision both on and off the production line.

Alongside the organisation in our group, Avantus Aerospace is renowned as a leading producer of C-class and component parts designed to withstand the extreme environments typical of the aerospace and defence industries.

Kitting and assembly

Although the terms are used interchangeably, kitting and assembly have a subtle difference. Kitting services refer to the full bundle of products, whereas assembly actually refers to the physical process of compiling the kit. Regardless of the slight semantic variation, the processes of kitting and assembly offer significant benefits to aerospace manufacturers.

The benefits of kitting services

Kitting significantly streamlines the ordering and production processes by allowing customers to order specific set of products, which are compiled together. This makes the ordering process simpler; instead of ordering the individual items in an assembly, customers can order the full kit. This kit is then processed and dispatched under a single SKU. The efficiencies extend beyond stock control, however. The process of kitting leads to reduced strain on warehouse capacity and staff, and streamlines the physical production process by ensuring all component parts are present at the production line in the correct quantities. This in turn reduces stoppage time, adding additional value to kitting.

With more than 70 years’ experience, at Avantus we are adept at handing high-volume, high-mix orders. We continually invest in leading technology and best practice, such as our ERP system, which allows us to offer customers around the globe with an unrivalled, end-to-end service, from product design, through to production, quality control and kitting. Clients can  specify their requirements for packaging, kitting and delivery, to reduce double handling and ensure that their products arrive at their production line or warehouse, when they need it.

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