Thread Rolling

As a leader in the provision of composite and C-class parts for aerospace and defense, Avantus offers industry leading thread rolling services.

When it comes to industries where high performance is essential, such as the defense, motor sports and aerospace engineering industries, precision and strength are central requirements. The process of thread rolling screws, bolts and other parts with an external thread is, therefore, usually preferred to cutting as it offers a greater degree of accuracy as well as uniform threads and a smooth finish.

End to end production services

Unlike many manufacturers of C-class and composite parts, Avantus and our sibling organisations based in the US, the UK, Mexico and Europe offer the full spectrum of services, from design, manufacture and thread rolling services, all the way through finishing and quality assurance. We don’t need to source machined parts and blanks, and nor do we need to outsource to thread rolling companies, we are able to maintain the quality and precision for which we and our sibling organisations are renowned.

We operate a lean manufacturing approach which means that we are continually striving to optimise efficiency through the use of strict in-house processes and state of the art technology, which, when combined with our technicians’ decades of experience, results in a world class service.

Quality assurance at Avantus

At Avantus, we strive to ensure that every one of our customers’ components are produced to their exact specifications. Having access to a range of cutting-edge processes allows us to meet these specifications throughout the production process, which our strict reviewing processes allow us to closely inspect finished parts in comparison with 3D design specs to ensure that our customers’ requirements are met. These quality assurance processes, when combined with our strict sourcing protocols and thread rolling services, enable us to produce strong, precise threaded parts in line with industry and customer requirements.

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