Captive Fasteners

With extensive experience in producing parts for the aerospace industry, Avantus produces in excess of 10 million C-Class components every year.

Together with our sibling organisations in the UK, Mainland Europe and the USA, Avantus produces the full range of C-Class components and assemblies, including shims, gap fillers, packers and fasteners.

Fasteners, such as screws and bolts, are C-Class aerospace components designed join more than one item together. Often, fasteners are function by interacting with a mating part, such as a bolt. Captive fasteners provide streamlined production processes and optimal safety as, once installed, they remain in the pre-drilled hole permanently unless extracted for maintenance, inspection and servicing by using a specific tool. Captive fasteners add an additional layer of quality to aerospace builds as they are less likely to be shaken loose than a traditional nut and bolt.

As they are secure once in situ yet easy to remove with the correct tools, captive fasteners lead to more streamlined production processes and reduced parts requirements. They also reduce the potential risks of loose fasteners falling out on the production line and potentially damaging production machinery.

Because of their high levels of safety and accuracy, captive fasteners are not just advisable within the aerospace industry; in some circumstances, they are a legal requirement.


A tailored service

At Avantus, we pride ourselves in offering outstanding levels of service to customers of all sizes from around the World. We have the capacity and technology to tailor C-Class components, adjusting materials, specifications, dimensions, and production process to best suit the intended use and withstand the extreme conditions associated with aerospace engineering. Our production runs range from massive scale runs for global aerospace and aviation leaders, to one-off prototypes. We apply the same level of precision to every job, working closely with the client to ensure that we meet their specific needs while fulfilling industry requirements.

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