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As a leading supplier of C-class components, assemblies and fasteners, at Avantus we possess the capacity to fulfil our clients’ various needs, including the production of precision-made stressed panel fasteners. 

The Avantus group is led by Avantus Aerospace and consists of a family of industry leaders in the production of component parts designed to meet the stringent requirements of the military and aerospace industries, as well as a supply chain and logistics organisation. Together, we are proud to be world leaders, providing complete, end to end services to customers of all sizes, regardless of the complexity or scale of their requirements.

Stressed panel fasteners

Components and assemblies utilised in the aerospace and military industries are subjected to extremely high levels of strain from multiple stressors such as UV light exposure, chemical exposure, high levels of vibration and extreme temperatures. When it comes to withstanding the rigors of the industry, it is essential that every component, regardless of its size or cost, is fit for purpose. While it is essential that a panel is able to withstand such environmental stresses, it is equally important that the panel fasteners are.

Stressed panel fasteners are designed to endure extremely high levels of vibration and shear loads. They can be quickly and easily installed, allowing for streamlined production processes. Stressed panel fasteners are less likely to be dropped during production, reducing the risk of installation errors and stoppage times. Avantus’ precision made stressed panel fasteners can be utilised in original manufacture and designs, or retrofitted for a higher quality replacement or repair in the field.

State of the art equipment

As a group of industry leading suppliers for OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and distributors, we are committed to investing in technology, skills and innovations to ensure that we continue to deliver an unrivalled service, bringing customers around the world choice, quality and precision, every time. 

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