As global leaders in the provision of specialty fasteners, C-class components and assemblies, at Avantus we, alongside our family organisations, pride ourselves in being able to fulfil of our clients’ diverse needs.

The Avantus Group comprises a family of companies that specialise in providing composite structures, C-class parts and assemblies, and supply chain logistics solutions. Based in the United States, the UK and Mexico, our joint capabilities mean that we are able to accommodate most requests, regardless of complexity or size.

Dovetail screws

With a vast portfolio and a range of cutting edge technology at our disposal, we are able to produce high quality fasteners tailored to meet each client’s needs. Screws can be adjusted in terms of dimensions, thread size and head type, including dovetailing. The head type of a screw impacts the ease of installation and removal as well as aesthetics, and is determined by the location of the screw, the components being secured together, and aesthetic requirements.

Dovetail heads form an inverted triangle, which allows the head to be drilled into the product, enabling the head to sit flat into the surface without protruding. The use of dovetail heads is recommended where a flat finish is required for aesthetic purposes, or where space is limited.

A tailored service

Alongside our family of organisations, at Avantus we are committed to excellence in the provision of high-quality, high-torque, high-strength components designed to meet the extreme environments typically associated with the aerospace and defence industries. We know that it is critical that each component meets industry standards, and we possess the relevant accreditations to ensure that our production methods meet or exceed those standards. We also offer an end to end service, with quality assurances processes integrated at every stage of our production processes.

Together, we ensure that every order, from one-off prototypes to repeat large-scale productions, is undertaken with the professionalism, precision and quality for which we are known.

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