EDM (Magic Groove ®)

At Avantus Aerospace, we continually strive to deliver excellence and value to the aerospace and military customers around the world.

As part of our commitment to deliver high standards at every stage of the aerospace component production process, we are proud to lead a family group of organisations located in Europe and the United States. Each of these organisations is an industry leader and, together, we bring unrivalled innovation and quality to enable our clients to exceed industry standards and achieve excellence. This includes the production of unique, patented products, such as the EDM (Magic Groove ®) flaring screw.

EDM (Magic Groove ®) flaring screw

Patented by Fastener Technology Corp. (FTC), one of our family organisations located in the United States, the EDM (Magic Groove ®) flaring screw is a structural captive fastener which utilises the company’s exclusive, patented EDM groove configuration.

The unique flaring screw enables a retaining ring to be installed onto a bolt without the necessity to bend, cut or distort it. The installation process can be undertaken by hand, without the need to force the retaining ring over the bolt. The ring is simply placed over the head of the bolt before being secured into place by flaring the end of the bolt with FTC’s in-house designed flaring tool.

As well as being easy to install, the use of FTC’s EDM (Magic Groove ®) flaring screw provides much higher levels of push out load than similar fasteners.

A tailored service

Like all of the products in our portfolio, and those of our partner organisations, the characteristics of the EDM flaring screw can be tailored to meet each client’s needs in terms of weight, torque, strength, head size, overall dimensions and thread size. Depending on the desired use, different finishes, head styles and grips can be selected for easy installation and optimal durability, helping to optimise quality and value.

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