Snap in Captive

With access to a breadth and depth of resources and expertise, Avantus Aerospace is perfectly placed to fulfill clients’ fastener needs to a specification suitable for the aerospace and military industries.

Snap-in Captive Screws

When it comes to aerospace manufacture, precision, quality and durability are critical. Snap-in captive screws are, therefore, an essential part of the manufacturing process as they bring added reliability to component parts. Captive screws are specifically designed to withstand pressure and movement once installed, remaining in place amid immense pressure and heat. It is not possible for captive screws to shake loose over time despite the high levels of vibrations typical of the industry. The benefits of snap-in captive screws extend beyond airframe security, adding additional benefits on the production line. They will not come loose or fall out during the production processes, which leads to a potential saving in time and resources as a result of line stoppages. They are also quick and easy to install, adding further savings to the construction process and a potential reduction in lead times.

Snap-in captive screws – a tailored service

As part of a family of nine aerospace and defence businesses and one industrial supply chain and logistics solutions business, Avantus Aerospace has partner organisations in the UK, Mainland Europe and the USA. Serving aviation and aerospace leaders across the globe, we pride ourselves in the efficient production of high-quality snap-in-captive screws designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding conditions.

At Avantus Aerospace, we offer a broad range of products including fillister slot head and spring loaded captive screws in addition to the more traditional snap-in captive screw.

Our wealth of experience combined with in-house technology and quality assurance processes mean that we are able to offer clients a tailored service for orders of all sizes. We are able to manufacture all C-class components within our portfolio from a range of metal and non-metal materials depending on the client’s specific needs.

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