Low Profile Spring Loaded

With a head office in California and a European support office in Middlesex Avantus Aerospace and out 9 sibling organisations are perfectly placed to offer unrivalled component production services to clients across the globe.

Due to our extensive experience and global reach, we work with leaders in the aerospace, military and commercial industries, fulfilling their needs in terms of C-class components, fasteners and assemblies.

Low profile spring loaded screws

Spring loaded screws are suitable for use in situations when consistent pressure is required during the installation process, thus allowing for more precise, secure positioning. Low profile, spring loaded screws have a head that stands proud of the connecting surface, allowing for precise manipulation of the screw both on the production line or in situ. However, the screw’s smaller knob means that low profile, spring loaded screws can be used in situations where there is not an abundance of vertical space but where countersinking screws for a flat finish is not needed or wanted; unlike high profile screws, the low profile variety do not require additional room.

State-of-the-art manufacturing facility

At Avantus, we and our nine partner organisations are committed to delivering excellence for clients in the aerospace, military and commercial industries. We and our sibling organisations continue to invest in the development of our skilled teams across the globe, as well as installing the latest technology and innovations in our state-of-the-art facilities.

We carefully source materials and tools to allow us to meet industry needs as well as our own high standards and undertake full in-house quality assurance processes to ensure that all production orders, regardless of size, meet expectations. Our technicians work closely with clients to ascertain the most appropriate specifications to meet their requirements, factoring in environmental stresses, functionality, production time and costs, to enable us to deliver the best possible service, every time.

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