Retractable Spring Enclosed

Avantus, in conjunction with out sibling organisations, we have global reach in the production of C-class components and fasteners for aerospace.

There is no margin for error in the aerospace industry. At Avantus, we are committed to delivery the highest standards to our clients across the globe, providing them with component parts and fasteners, such as retractable, spring enclosed screws, designed and manufactured to meet the unparalleled demands of the aerospace and military industries.

Retractable spring-enclosed screws

Retractable, spring-enclosed screws offer flexibility, consistent pressure, and accuracy on the production line, which help to support a streamlined production process. They reduce the number of individual components needed to join larger components. High levels of accuracy can be achieved, as the screw can be adjusted during production and retracted to the correct height.  

The enclosed springs in our range of spring enclosed screws allows a constant, replicable spring rate which makes it easier to install mating parts on the production line. Retractable, spring enclosed screws can be adjusted for size, head type, thread size and materials to accommodate the client’s needs while meeting industry standards.  Due to the scale of our facilities, our experience technicians will help clients to choose the best products to meet their needs.

Unrivalled quality

When it comes to achieving accuracy during assembly, it is essential that the highest quality materials, components, and processes are utilised. Avantus and our group organisations are all accredited to ISO9001 and AS9100 industry standards; in addition, we implement our own processes and quality assurance procedures, which enable us to exceed the levels expected by clients across industries.

At Avantus, we are proud of the consistently high standards delivered by us and our partner organisations, continually seeking innovations and improvements to help us to fulfil the fastener needs for customers across the globe.

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