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Advanced Quality Systems

At Avantus Aerospace, continuous improvement via the employment of Advanced Quality Systems is central to our ethos.

Via the use of Advanced Quality Systems (AQS), we are able to achieve continued improvement across products and processes within every element of our design, production and inspection services. By implementing Advanced Quality Systems, we are able to achieve the best results by ensuring that decisions surrounding design and production are made based on quantifiable results and data.  This not only ensures that design quality is an intrinsic part of the production and engineering process, but allows us to gain measurable improvements across all processes, reducing cost and wastage while improving cycle time and customer satisfaction.

AQS, lean management and “just-in-time” production

At Avantus Aerospace, we and our group companies in the US, UK and Europe employ lean manufacturing processes which enable us to operate a just-in-time operation system. These processes are supported by Advanced Quality Systems and allow us to reduce potential issues with products and processes whilst maintaining optimal consistency in component production.

Globally recognised expertise

With nearly 80 years’ experience manufacturing C-class components for the aeronautical industry, we are proud to be globally industry leaders. Our teams in the United States and Europe bring a wealth of experience to the industry. Our skilled engineers continually pursue innovation and improvement to bring value to every element of our manufacturing process, from inception to production. By employing Lean Six Sigma principles, our technicians are able to pay attention to every detail, bringing attention to detail and continuous incremental improvements to our manufacturing processes and, therefore, products.

We take great pride in our heritage, which testifies to our continual drive to provide customers across the globe with a best-in-industry service. All of our organisations are committed to providing the value-added service for which we have become renowned.

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