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As a world-leading provider of C-class components and assemblies, at Avantus we invest in world-class product design and experience solutions, such as CAD-CATIA.

CAD CATIA – Computer Aided Three-dimensionsal Interaction Application - influences many parts of our lives. The industry-leading technology allows technicians to model any part and to see how it interacts in a real situation. By allowing engineers to see how a product will behave in a certain situation, 3D CAD CATIA facilitates the production and design of component parts of unrivalled quality and precision.


Since its beginnings in the 1970s, CAD CATIA has become a vital part of aerospace engineering. Today, with advanced 3D CAD CATIA services available, the software is commonly used for the scanning and reproduction of large parts, sheet design, modelling and simulations. Our skilled engineers and technicians use CAD CATIA to create components on a large scale, without compromising on quality or precision.

3D CAD CATIA services are equally valuable for reverses engineering and prototyping. Via reverse engineering, technicians are able to scan complex structures, identify areas that need to be repaired and replaced and exactly replicate those parts. CAD CATIA’s ability to allow technicians to see precisely how a prototype or new part will interact with other parts in an assembly allows for early identification of potential problems before fine-tuning is undertaken to provide optimal performance. In this way, 3D CAD CATIA production allows for exceptionally high degrees of accuracy and repeatability; something that is critical within the aerospace and defence industries.

A tailored service

At Avantus, we and our group of organisations pride ourselves on our reputation for being the best in the industry. The utilisation of leading technology helps us to do this by saving time and offering levels of precision that meet our high standards as well as those required by the industry. Our technicians work closely with each client to provide them with the service that they require, when they need it.

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