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Chemical & Physical Analysis

At Avantus Aerospace, our comprehensive, in-house QA process includes chemical and physical analyses, helping us to ensure the utmost quality of every component that we produce.

We pride ourselves in the outstanding quality of every composite and C-class component that leaves our state-of-the-art facilities. Our commitment to high standards goes further than undertaking industry-required quality assurance processes; our in-depth in-house QA capabilities enable us to ensure that every part we produce meets the exceptionally high standards for which we are known. This includes physical and chemical analysis of the materials used in our productions.

Chemical-physical analysis

Maintaining fidelity towards designs extends further than inputting data and using the right technology; the most suitable, highest quality materials must also be used in order to achieve optimal results.

With extensive experience providing components to aerospace clients across the globe, at Avantus, we and our sibling organisations know the consequences of using below standard components. Every part has a critical role to play and the strength, functionality and durability of the final assembly is only as strong as its weakest component.

Our quality assurance processes are conducted throughout the production process, which allows us to identify and rectify potential anomalies while minimising wastage and stoppage time. In addition to visual and technical testing, we conduct in-depth metallurgical tests in order to ensure that the structural integrity of the materials have not been compromised. Our technicians test for a range of qualities including fatigue, tensile strength, torque, hardness and durability to ensure that the final product will be able to withstand a range of environmental stressors.

An unrivalled service

Our technicians work closely with clients to deliver product orders that meet their needs in term of functionality, cost and production time. In addition to industry-specific requirements, we work to our own high standards to ensure that every order, regardless of size, is precision manufactured and despatched with minimal lead time without compromising on quality.

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