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Industrial Metallurgy

At Avantus, we utilise a range of disciplines such as industrial metallurgy, to ensure the outstanding quality of the components, C-class parts and assemblies that we manufacture.

There is no margin for error in the aerospace industry, which means that precision and quality must be measured at every stage of the component manufacturing process. Metallurgy allows our technicians to precisely understand, hence predict, how metal elements and alloys will react to different conditions, which enables us to recommend the best materials for our customers’ needs.

Industrial Metallurgy

Industrial metallurgy refers to every stage of the production process of metal parts, from selecting the right alloys, to shaping using the most effective technologies and techniques, from heat treating and polishing to quality assurance. By understanding the different properties of different materials, metallurgists are able to balance characteristics such as strength, weight, cost, corrosion, fatigue resistance and performance under extreme temperatures to create fasteners which will meet our clients’ specific needs. Metallurgy doesn’t only influence the metallic element or alloy that a client will use, but the manufacturing process; different processes can subject different strains on a material, which can weaken it in the long term. Our technicians possess the skills and experience to advise the most appropriate manufacturing processes to meet each client’s unique needs.

Metallurgical examination

Industrial metallurgy allows metallurgists to understand how a particular metal will react in a range of different, high-stress environments, thus predicting how a fastener will perform in the extreme conditions typical of the aerospace industry. The components produced by Avantus are subjected to metallurgical examination, which allows our technicians to assure that they meet the client’s needs in terms of characteristics such as tensile, stress durability, torque and shear.

Metallurgical examination is just one element of our rigorous in-house quality assurance processes, which enable us to identify and rectify anomalies or impurities at the earliest possible stage in production, thereby ensuring the timely, high quality production of component part orders of all size.

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